OPE Journal

Excimer radiation for surface treatment We offer more than products. We offer purpose-driven solutions Ushio Excimer radiation: Tremendous advantages in comparison to plasma or corona: Developing together with USHIO • Enhances surface energy and activates surfaces of polymers, lacquers, coatings, glass and metal • Removes contaminations or applied layers • Produces functional coatings • Treats individual foil tractions, applies patterns in µm range size Our unique Excimer radiation has an enormous applica- tion potential for various materials and surfaces. USHIO is a partner that listens to your ideas and requirements. Let us optimize your processes according to your speci- fications and expectations. Use our expertise to develop together a tailor-made solution that matches your needs. • No thermal load on the surface, no damaging of surface structure • Only thin layer (nm range) is treated so usable for thin materials without negative effects on them • Better bonding results • No production of dust which can contaminate the system • Easy integration into existing processes and production lines • Process can be fine-tuned, is highly reproducible and independent from environment • Process is highly efficient • No charged particles are in contact with surface, no high electric or magnetic fields so applicable for any electronics www.ushio.eu