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EDITORIAL 3 Dear Readers, Can you believe that it has been almost seven years since the inaugural edition of OPE journal? We think that it is time for a little makeover. I hope you like our new cover and layout. In any case, design is important, and our industry also offers products with numerous design benefits. While OLED lighting might be the first application that comes into mind here, we will focus on another aspect: mobility and 3D structural electronics. This issue includes an insightful interview with representatives from Airbus and Altran, and the message is clear: Printed electronics has also found its way into the sky. Moreover, players such as TactoTek, IEE and New Cable Corporation are featured here with their latest innovations and projects for the mobility of the future. Recently, I also had the opportunity to visit the excellent innoLAE Conference in Cambridge. In my opinion, it was a bold move by the organisers to highlight the topic of sustainability in a full multi-hour workshop. We barely ever talk about the disposal of the products that are made by PE companies – and considering the urgency that is needed to combat climate change, environmental pollution and ocean plastics, it is about time to change that. Fortunately, I am convinced that this young industry is willing to walk the walk, instead of just talking about change. We are not only dealing with flexible materials, but we are also more flexible ourselves than more traditional sectors such as automotive or agriculture – and we can use that to our advantage! When an entire youth movement rallies behind climate activist Greta Thunberg, it is not wise to antagonise these future consumers, voters and corporate leaders. Instead, we should play our part in designing sustainable products, energy-saving solutions and a functional circular economy – and we should offer pathways for the above- mentioned traditional sectors to follow our example. I am certain that we will also have the chance to discuss sustainability at this year’s LOPEC in Munich. Meet the OPE journal team at booth 111 – we are looking forward to hearing about your ideas! Best regards Martin Hirschmann Martin Hirschmann Editor OPE journal Mail: martin.hirschmann@dfv.de @OPEjournal www.linkedin.com/company/ope-journal