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EDITORIAL Dear Readers, Just like many other technical magazines, we tend to overuse the word “revolution.” Granted, it is tempting to employ this term to describe everything that is new or exciting. What we will be faced with in the next 20 years, however, is truly revolutionary in every aspect. Most people still regard technology and biology as two totally separate aspects in our world. But almost all futurologists agree that these clear boundaries will start to blur very soon. Healthcare and wellbeing is the focus topic of this issue, and it is probably one of the first areas, where biology and technology will increasingly merge together. The OPE industry is already working on fully flexible skin patches, lighter wearables and medical solutions that are less cumbersome, easy to manage and enable communication between doctors, healthcare providers and patients. These are already fascinating developments, but if we move a bit further into the future, even more will be possible. At the moment, the concept of “transhumanism” is en vogue – a philosophy that sees a brighter future for humanity by incorporating technology into our bodies, or enhancing our senses. This development may result in even longer life expectations and unimaginable brainpower. Yes, this is still science fiction, but right now is the perfect time to consider these possibilities and ask the inevitable ethical, medical and technological questions that surround these visions of our future. One of the largest questions that still does not nearly receive the attention it deserves, concerns the way we treat the massive amounts of sensitive patient data that modern technology can and will collect, but there are many more questions to discuss … At the Converting Summit 2018, a conference recently hosted by our sister magazine C2, one of these futurologists recommended reading the fascinating book “Homo Deus” by Yuval Noah Harari, who paints a breathtaking and detailed picture of our probable future. 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