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No 21 | November 2017 |




ecently, Suunto announced that

TactoTek has been awarded the mass

production contract for the Suunto

Movesense smart connector, an injection

moulded structural electronics (IMSE) solu-

tion that is part of the Suunto Movesense

platform. TactoTek will manufacture the

Smart connector in its Oulu, Finland factory.

Movesense can track anything that

moves: it is a physical toolkit and open

development environment for motion

sensing solutions that enables profes-

sionals and hobbyists to create move-

ment measuring apps that unlock a

whole new level of motion tracking.

“The smart connector is a key part of

the Movesense platform that integrates into

garments, shoes, sports equipment, even

dog collars, and other items; it provides

context information about specific activities

being tracked to improve data richness and

quality,” stated Terho Lahtinen, head of mar-

keting, Movesense. “TactoTek’s technology

enables smart connector to be thin and flex-

ible, making it easy to integrate, and with-

stand harsh environments, including full sub-

mersion and many washing machine cycles,

for a lifetime of reliable performance.”

The Smart connector includes printed

electronics and a silicon chip that provides

context specific profile based on where it is

integrated and the motion being tracked.

Interview with Jussi

Harvela, CEO at TactoTek

OPE journal:

In a nutshell, TactoTek

specialises in injection moulded structural

electronics. What are the advantages of

this technology and typical applications?

Jussi Harvela:

Injection moulded

structural electronics (IMSE) integrates

printed circuitry and electronic components,

such as LEDs for lighting, within injection

moulded plastics. Often IMSE components

are rigid, 3 dimensional shapes in which the

IMSE part provides structure, a cosmetic

surface and electronic functions in a single

part; IMSE solutions can also be flexible,

such as our Suunto part. Whether rigid

or flexible, because our electronics are

encapsulated in injection moulded plastics,

they are protected from harsh environments.

There are many diverse uses for IMSE

solutions. Today, control panels with touch

buttons and sliders, lighting for controls and

styling, and sometimes wireless connecti-

vity, are the most popular IMSE solutions

with our customers. We can use those

same technology building blocks to deliver

solutions for autos, appliances, industrial

and medical uses. Rugged wearable/IoT

solutions, like our Suunto part, represent

another popular class of use cases.

A single IMSE part often replaces many

parts required for a traditional electronic

assembly: in one control panel a single

IMSE part replaces over 40 parts inclu-

ding a cosmetic surface, a rigid circuit

board, plastic subassemblies, and more.

In that case we reduce the thickness of

the part from over 30mm to just 3mm,

reduce mass by over 70%, and also provide

designers with new flexibility to create

Thin, flexible,

environmentally sealed

TactoTek to supply injection moulded structural electronics (IMSE) solution for

Suunto Movesense smart connector

An application of Suunto’s Movesense platform

Jussi Harvela