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Magazine for Organic & Printed Electronics


ow would our world look today if

there were no printing processes at

all? The answer is: quite one-dimen-

sional. One of the most economic and ver-

satile printing processes for industrial and

automated surface structuring of many dif-

ferent kinds of materials is screen printing.

Most people know screen print-

ing from the textile industry, where it is

frequently used for graphic applications.

However, screen printing technology

enables a whole range of other solu-

tions as well. By using unique materials

and screens, new applications such as

printed electronics can also be enhanced

by using screen printing technology.

Examples for applications within

the field of printed electronics include

sensors, antennas, electroluminescent

surfaces, solar cells, OLEDs, displays,

medical test stripes, flexible switches,

batteries, transistors, diodes and resistors.

Greatly varying


PVF Mesh & Screen Technology GmbH

is an internationally active family-owned

company from Germany, which specialises in

screen printing applications. It is a provider

of both precision mesh and the preci-

sion screens of the MICRON series. PVF’s

MICRON precision screens are reported to

be highly reliable and offer reproducible

processes up to factory 4.0. They boast a

very high registration, extremely precise

printing results and a long lifetime.

The requirements for components in the

field of printed electronics can vary greatly.

Conductive, insulating and functional pastes

or inks have to be printed onto a wide range

of different substrates such as flexible films

or abrasive wafers while meeting different

requirements. Very high as well as ultra-thin

paste lay downs, interruption-free structures,

homogenous surfaces, dimensional accuracy

or finest lines and gaps down to 20µm

require the use of various high-performance

materials and process parameters in screen

manufacturing. PVF Mesh & Screen Technol-

ogy GmbH is producing its MICRON preci-

son screens according to the specific request

of each individual customer. The company

boasts knowledge and long-term experience

in high modulus screen printing polyes-

ter mesh, stainless steel mesh, V-mesh,

tungsten mesh and 3D mesh. Therefore, the

MICRON screens meet the various needs

and requirements of printed electronics.

Printed sensors are one of many possible

applications of screen printing technology on

the PE market

Versatile and highly reliable

Screen printing technology for printed electronics has become a major market

for PVF Mesh & Screen Technology GmbH. In OPE journal, the company from

Neufinsing, Germany, highlights some of its latest applications and solutions

Screens from PVF Mesh &

Screen Technology GmbH for printed

electronics applications