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Magazine for Organic & Printed Electronics

innovative shapes, all while eliminating

considerable assembly time and the tooling

required for the traditional solution.

OPE journal:

The collaboration with

Suunto marks another milestone in

your company’s history. What were the

crucial factors that convinced Suunto

to trust in TactoTek’s technology in

your opinion? How will this partner-

ship continue in the near future?

J. Harvela:

Yes, our collaboration with

Suunto, including mass producing the part

in our Oulu factory, is a major milestone

for TactoTek in specific, and more broadly

the IMSE market. With Suunto, as with

our other customers, we build trust in our

business relationship and confidence in

our command of IMSE technology by first

helping adapt customer ideas into an IMSE

design, and then developing prototypes

that deliver the benefits that they are see-

king. Key performance requirements of the

Suunto IMSE part include being quite thin,

maintaining electrical integrity through

flexing and twisting, being waterproof,

and surviving many washing cycles, all

of which align with IMSE technology.

Suunto’s Movesense platform is a

very innovative idea. It will be used by

Suunto and Suunto’s sister companies

in the Amer Group, and also made

available to outside developers who

can create their own wearable activity

monitoring solution without having to

invest in the research and development

of the hardware elements and software

platform. We expect this approach to

attract a broad following and drive more

innovation that TactoTek can support.

OPE journal:

Finland seems to have

become a major hub in the field of printed

electronics and related technologies.

What are the factors in the country that

enable this positive development?

J. Harvela:

Finland has a deep eco-

system of electronics expertise, some of

which is a legacy of Nokia. Moreover,

VTT has been incubator of some aspects

of printed electronics technology.

OPE journal:

What are your plans

and aims for TactoTek moving forward?

J. Harvela:

TactoTek is transforming the

way electronics are designed and produ-

ced across many markets and around the

world. Our team is working to make IMSE

solutions accessible to our customers, and

that requires scaling our operations in Fin-

land, as well as expanding our capabilities

in continental Europe and North America.

The smart connector from Suunto includes IMSE technology from TactoTek

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