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emperature management is an issue

for every active individual. Changing

weather conditions, different levels

of activities and personal preferences

in clothing, however, make the choice

of the right outfit for a certain activity

quite challenging. For instance, a hiker

might leave his home on a cloudy, cold

morning: he will typically wear warm

clothes to resist the elements. Nonethe-

less, the noon hours of the very same

day may become quite warm and thermal

clothing suddenly becomes a nuisance.

Now, the Lyon-based start-up company

clim8, which also has a branch in Hong

Kong, wants to change the way people

perform in changing weather conditions

thanks to a new smart wearable technology

called intelligent thermal clothing. Clim8

sets out to enable consumers to enjoy

a new level of thermal consistency, one

where they achieve regulated temperatures

on their body while maintaining person-

alised comfort – no matter the weather

conditions, no matter the activities.

Pushing the boundaries

of wearable tech

“Our vision is a world, where people

are free to pursue their goals, even when

it’s cold outside; a world where people

no longer wait for a better day to get out

there,” emphasises CEO Florian Miguet.

“Clim8 is creating this world by becoming

the leading global solution for intelligent

thermal clothing. We are pushing the

boundaries of wearable tech. Given our

core assets such as patented technologies,

advanced architecture, and our strong

relationships across the textile industry,

we know that we will be the first to

make thermal clothing truly intelligent.”

The company’s revolutionary textile

process integrates tiny sensors into the yarn,

leading to maximum comfort – all cus-

tomised for the wearer. The sensors in the

garment monitor the skin temperature. The

data is then sent to a proprietary app, which

analyses the wearer’s surroundings, activi-

ties and skin temperature. Heating zones

embedded in the garment activate to adjust

skin temperature and maintain thermal com-

fort. Moreover, the garment also regulates

heat exchanges by evaporation as it per-

fectly matches sweating zones on the body.

Adaptable technology

“Extreme weather affects comfort and

radically inhibits performance,” adds Miguet.

“But we can change that. Fusing digital

platforms, innovative textile processes,

and active-response technologies, we’re

creating garments that give each individual

what his or her body demands: a technol-

ogy which is adaptable on most of the

next-to-skin clothes (from head to toe, from

hats to shirt, to gloves, pants and socks).

Our ultra-thin technology is implemented

into pads which are fixed to the textile.”

According to the manufacturer, its

intelligent thermal clothing allows users to

take control of their comfort, calories and

exercises, as heat calibration, activity and

calories tracking and an adjustment of the

power and settings for particular workouts

are all possible through the connected app.

ISPO Award jury member Beatriz Garcia,

a well-known ultra-runner and fitness

instructor, commented: “By guaranteeing

best training conditions, this prototype is

the future of warming outdoor fashion.”

No more freezing,

less sweating

At the leading sports tradeshow ISPO 2017 in Munich,

the French company clim8 has won a Gold Award for

its intelligent thermal clothing that is set to revolutionise

the world of sports and outdoor activities

An app helps the wearer in maintaining

thermal consistency in different climates or

workout intensities

Clim8 intelligent thermal clothing is described as a new generation of fitness wearables