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No 20 | October 2017 |



The experts for

surface structuring

OPE journal portrays PVF Mesh & Screen Technology GmbH – a company that has

transformed from a supplier for compact disc manufacturers to a high-tech screen

printing technology provider for applications in the organic electronics sectors


he year was 1997, the film “Titanic”

inspired the masses and the tragic

death of Princess Diana was the media

event of the year. At that time, a certain

industry was booming like never before:

the compact disc (CD) sector. PVF, at that

time known under the name of MP+L

Produktions GmbH, delivered thousands

of print-ready screens to renowned CD

manufacturers such as Sony, Bertelsmann

and Polygram at that time. The screen

printing process was used to enhance the

surfaces of millions of CDs with graphic

designs in 4-colour halftone print and

to equip them with fine writings. This

was quite a challenging process …

At the same time, a new industry was

in its infancy: the photovoltaics business.

In 1997, 200µm wide structures (fingers)

on silicon wafers could already be printed

with conductive pastes. Meanwhile,

together with the Fraunhofer Institute

for solar energy systems ISE, precision

screens manufactured by the PVF prede-

cessor MP+L were already used to print

70µm fine structures on silicon wafers.

This functioned by means of the finest

synthetic threads with 23µm in diameter,

interwoven from the unique mesh material

V-Screen. Mass production of the 70µm

thin structure at solar cell manufacturers

started no less than about nine years later.

Family-owned and


PVF GmbH is headquartered in Neufins-

ing, which is close to Munich, Germany.

Today, the company can be characterised as

an internationally active, German family-run

business that specialises in screen printing

and filtration applications. The company

was originally founded by Peter Vinzenz

Fleischer (initials PVF) in 1985 and is cur-

rently headed in the second generation by

his daughter Julia Fleischer. As a provider

of precision meshes and manufacturer of

MICRON precision screens for technical

screen printing, PVF claims to deliver what

few can offer: a perfect product portfolio

for highly demanding applications.

The screen printing market in the 1980s

was dominated by the Swiss mesh manu-

facturers SST, SSZ and ZBF. Japanese screen

printing meshes were still mostly unknown at

that point. Peter V. Fleischer worked together

with the Japanese mesh manufacturer NBC

Meshtec inc., in order to introduce the first

highly module polyester screen printing

meshes on the European market. The preci-

sion and quality of these meshes can con-

vince many customers instantly – even the

circuit board giant Philips. Until today, the

sale of high-quality screen printing meshes

is a central business field of PVF GmbH.

In the middle of the 1990s, the require-

ments and demands of the screen printing

applications were rising at a dramatic rate.

Many conventional screen clamping services

could not meet these requirements in the

manufacture of printing screens and were

not able to seize the full potential of the

high-quality Japanese mesh materials. It

Company owner Peter V. Fleischer and his daughter Julia Fleischer with the PVF team

Finest mesh structures up to 13µm – high

modulus mesh from NBC Meshtec inc. Japan