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Magazine for Organic & Printed Electronics


The vision of “human-centric sensing”

Giovanni Nisato, business and technology development

senior manager at the Swiss-based institute CSEM,

talks about some of the latest advancements in

printed electronics for consumer applications


Precise contract coating

for consumer electronics applications

Brian Pahl, business development manager, and Corinne

Ladous, technical account manager at Carestream Contract

Manufacturing (White City, Oregon) discuss working with a

contract coater to manufacture advanced electronic films

11 No more freezing, less sweating

At the leading sports tradeshow ISPO 2017 in Munich,

the French company clim8 has won a Gold Award for

its intelligent thermal clothing that is set to revolutionise

the world of sports and outdoor activities

12 Temperature monitoring for virtually anything

Identiv announces next generation of its smart

temperature sensor solution for the Internet of Things

13 Design considerations for mass production

functional inkjet printers

As part of the Industry 4.0 revolution, which adopts digital

and additive manufacturing technologies, inkjet printing of

functional materials is finding its way into all kinds of industrial

manufacturing processes. Laurens van Dijk and Henk Goossens

from Meyer Burger explain the design considerations for

functional inkjet tools for high-throughput mass production

16 Making the connection between

lab research and full-scale production

Vahid Akhavan, Elise Alkhafaji and Stan Farnsworth from

NovaCentrix, which is based in Austin, Texas, highlight

the engineering advances and considerations necessary

to provide seamless transfer of processing conditions

from the R&D scale to the production platform

18 “We need to target everyday OPE products”

In an exclusive interview with OPE journal, Dr Stephan

Kirchmeyer from Cologne’s new organic electronics

research institute COPT Center, discusses some of the

latest opportunities and challenges of our industry

20 From intelligent packaging to flexible solar cells

In just a few weeks, the wait is over. From 28 to 30

March 2017, LOPEC, the world’s leading event for

printed electronics, will take centre stage at ICM in

Munich, Germany. OPE journal has gathered all the

important information about the landmark event

24 Breaking new records

The next edition of the IDTechEx Printed Electronics

Europe event in Berlin, Germany, will highlight the nearly

endless possibilities enabled by printed electronics.

26 Printed electronics enables truly wearable electronics

27 Life in the fast lane

Marcel Weckheuer, IT specialist at KAMPF,

participates in car races all over Germany

28 Suppliers Directory


18 20


OE-A’s Activities at LOPEC 2017


OE-A Sessions at CES

in Las Vegas Draw a Crowd


Bringing Innovation to Automotive

HMI with Glass-free, Conformable



Flexible Hybrid Electronic Smart Labels


Bringing New Features to Consumer

Electronics and Smart Labels


Progressing ‘Smart Packaging’

to the Next Level


Development of a New Laboratory

Printing Machine


A Customized Platform for Smart

Printed Labels with Sensing Capabilities