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No 19 | July 2017 |



Myth buster

OLEDWorks from Aachen, Germany, specialises in creative lighting solutions.

In OPE journal, the company highlights the advantages of OLED technology in

lighting applications – and clears up some common misunderstandings


oo expensive. Just a

glow. Not available

in volume.” These

are just a few of the tags

that cling to the reputation

of OLED lighting. It is time to

shake off these dusty labels

and start seeing OLED lighting

as the exciting innovative

light engine it truly is.

Let’s consider performance.

OLEDs now provide beautiful

light quality at truly functional

light levels. One 120mm

Lumiblade panel can provide

300 lumens, and that is no

glow. If a glow is desired, it can

dim down to 1%. The Brite 1

panels were already competitive

at 45 lumens per watt and the

Brite 2 further continues the

OLED evolution (or revolution)

to over 60 lumens per watt.

So, performance is enticing.

But aren’t they too expen-

sive? Increasingly, lighting

designers are concluding

that in fact the total cost is

compelling. With scale and

manufacturing innovation,

the OLED costs are tracking

the Department of Energy SSL

OLED cost curve very closely. Without a

need for thermal management or optical

wave guiding and diffusion, designers also

realise the savings in product develop-

ment time, supply chain management and

total system cost. With performance and

price opening up larger market opportu-

nity, products are now really available in

volume. OLEDWorks can ship OLED panels

at manufacturing quantities very quickly,

usually within a few weeks. Thus, OLEDs

are here, affordable, high performing and

opening up a whole new way to design

and deliver a superb lighting experience.

Second time truly

functional OLED light

When it comes to lighting, OLEDs inspire

on a whole different level. There is the

unique quality of the light itself. In combina-

tion with other characteristics e.g. the razor-

thin shape and the instant glare-free light

when switched on, OLEDs can be used to

realise innovative applications and designs.

With its now already second generation

of the OLED Panel Brite FL300 OLEDWorks

brings OLED lighting again further into

functional lighting applications, by featuring

a more efficient and more beautiful OLED

lighting experience. With the luminous

flux of up to 300 lumens the FL300 is still

the brightest warm white OLED panel

commercially available worldwide.

The Brite 2 FL300 is available at two

integration levels making it the ideal building

block for every OLED lighting application to

be used in the area of functional lighting.

These FL300 OLED Panels are available in

two different shapes for each of the two dif-

ferent colour temperatures which will make

it even easier to bring functional OLED light-

ing to places or products that require beauti-

ful and functional lighting at the same time.

“The Brite 2 OLED panel family is a

result of OLEDWorks’ commitment to

continuous improvements and investments

in our product offerings,” said Daniel

Hoffmann, OLEDWorks product manager.

“With expanded options in colour tem-

peratures, our OLED panels offer designers

the freedom to design with little restric-

tions in functionality and performance.” A

more efficient beautiful light commercially

available with competitive prices and short

lead times – that’s the way OLED Lighting

will be present in more and more applica-

tions for more and more different spaces,

them being residential, office or retail.

Brite 2 FL300 in warm white and neutral white

OLEDworks supplied its products to the project

“Neue Mainzer Straße” in Frankfurt, Germany, which shows

one of the many possible applications of OLED lighting