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Magazine for Organic & Printed Electronics


asers provide established solutions

at several points in the production

of OLED devices on traditional (rigid)

substrates. Standout examples include

excimer lasers used for polysilicon anne-

aling of display backplanes, and for laser

lift-off to separate flexible display films

from glass substrates. Other important

applications are the use of ultra-short pulse

(USP) lasers for circuit repair, both CO2

and USP lasers for film and foil ablation

and glass cutting, and a variety of mar-

king applications employing both fibre

and diode-pumped solid-state lasers.

Significantly, many of these processes

are directly applicable to OPE fabrication. In

particular, laser ablation utilising USP lasers

offer substantial benefits for both device

A modern flexible display with touch using plastic electronics

Ultra-fast laser processing

Rainer Pätzel, director of marketing at Coherent Inc., discusses the field of laser

ablation for organic and printed electronics

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